How does Apuerta work?

The process Apuerta uses to buy your house is very simple. Let us explain it to you in 5 steps.

 Complete the form

Share the details of your home with Apuerta so that we can get to know it better, as well as your contact details. Make sure you enter the details correctly so that the process can start as soon as possible.

 Valuation of the property

Once we have received the information about your home, we will conduct a study and inform you whether or not we can make a purchase offer. We will ask also you for documentation to guarantee that everything is correct.

 Confirmation visit

At Apuerta, we like to visit your home before making a purchase offer. One of our agents will contact you to arrange an appointment to see your home and make a valuation.


Within 48 hours of the visit we will send you a purchase offer for your home based on its condition, its characteristics and the current market situation.


If you accept our offer, we will be prepared to sign the deed of sale in the notary’s office within 15 days, or whatever is suitable for you if you need more time.